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With skyrocketing prices of high-quality traffic in the gaming industry, retaining already existing players has become our number one priority.

„Traffic grow is important. Organics? Of course! But, Customer Retention is the king, and the key to your online gaming business“

Cold Hard Facts about Player Retention & Customer Loyalty

  • Only 5% customer retention improvement can lead to astonishing 50% increase in earnings.
  • You will spend 5 times more $$$ to get a new customer then to keep the current one.
  • Companies focusing on user experience earn 60% higher profits.
  • Over 17% of customers name “comps & rewards” as a means of keeping them loyal.
  • Over 80% of customers will more likely come back if they are satisfied with the service.

Smart Retention Strategy by using DMIS Application

We use creative retention tools, real-time segmentation and in-depth knowledge of the gaming industry in order to maximize revenue from existing traffic flow. That includes converting new sign up players to depositors, segmentation per games and serving each player personally, converting and retaining players in real time – serving them in the time frame they are most interested in playing.

Player Retention Application – Maximize your income

After proper player evaluation and segmentation, players will be served in the most personal manner with rewards that suit them best. The goal is to give players what they want and what they need, even if they don't know it yet, giving your business unparalleled edge in customer relations management and traffic maximization.

Evaluate your players in online gaming

As we recognized that our clients have specific needs and priorities, our software is fully customizable with the possibility of implementing any update that may improve performance. With an ever-growing number of updates we are working on, you can rest assured that each and every client of yours will be taken care of.

Perfect retention strategy lead to customers loyalty

No matter what is the source of your traffic, the size of your player base or specific goals you have, maximizing revenue from existing traffic must be an absolute priority for any serious customer oriented business!

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